4 Tips For Choosing A Hiking Pack For Your Dog To Wear

6Hiking packs for dogs are great, but you don’t want to choose just any old one. When it comes to choosing a hiking pack for your dog to wear, you should know what to look for. Here are a few tips that can help you choose a good hiking pack for your dog.

1. Comfort- Make sure you choose a hiking pack that is comfortable for your dog to wear and one that fits properly. If the pack fits properly and it doesn’t look like your dog is struggling to walk and the pack is light weight, then you should be fine. Just make sure you choose a pack that is made with material that isn’t heavy because you don’t want your dog getting hot while walking. Ideally, you want a pack that has adjustable chest straps and girth straps.

2. The Design- The overall design matters too. You want to choose a pack that is designed for your dog. The pack you choose should have proper weight distribution, which means the pack’s weight shouldn’t be on your dog’s spine, which is not capable of carrying a lot of weight. Choose a hiking pack that distributes the weight on your dog’s shoulders.

3. Durability- Also, choose a pack that is durable. The last thing you want to do is to keep on having to buy a brand new pack because the previous one became worn down within a short period of time. If you choose a durable pack that was made with high-quality materials, then you shouldn’t have to replace it for years to come.

4. Weight- Finally, you don’t want to choose a pack that is too heavy for your dog because then you are putting your dog at risk of getting injured. Generally speaking, the pack you choose shouldn’t weigh more than 25% of your dog’s weight. Asides from that, make sure you don’t add too many things to the pack because if your dog isn’t used to carrying things in a hiking pack, then they may not like wearing it. The key is to ease them into wearing it and then you can start adding things to it, such as your dog’s watering bowl, a bottle of water and so forth.

There are many kinds of hiking packs designed for dogs. You want to choose one that is best suited for your breed of dog. If you keep the above tips in mind, then you should have no problem choosing a good hiking pack for your dog to wear.

Backpacking With Your Dog

5Hiking with your dog can be the best experience you can have. Dogs love hiking as much as human do. They get to enjoy the fresh air and play with other dogs. It’s essential for any dog owner who is planning to hike to have knowledge about your pet’s physical boundaries.

There is need to plan your trip early. There are things to observe like, checking dog regulations in the area you need to hike because there are areas where they don’t allow dogs. You need to maintain control of your dog. Dogs are supposed to be on leash in public areas. Having your dog on leash can’t be enough because you should be sure to keep him or her calm, take note what situations that would upset your dog.
Choose an area for hiking within your dog abilities. The owner of the dog needs to hike before carrying the dog to hiking to understand the terrain of the area. This ensures that the dog can handle the environmental conditions. Dogs suffer from altitude sickness just as human do.

Pack food and water. Hydration is a necessity for your dog . There is a need to need to conduct research on the area whether there is plenty of water. You can also pack enough if there are no water filters. Treat water that your dog will use because they are also vulnerable to protozoa just as humans. Foods that you carry need to have the right amount of calories for energy. Your dog needs energy for hiking. The food and water pack should have a weight that your dog can carry.

Sleeping gear for your dog is a necessity. Choosing the sleeping gears to carry depends on the weather condition during the time you want to hike. Choosing sleeping gears depends on the breed of your dog. Also, carry first aid kits in case of an accident.

Hiking can be tiresome activity and also enjoyable for your dog. Examine him or her after the hike for any cuts or insects.